Taroko Evening

That evening we camp  in Taroko Gorge. Our campsites are raised wooden platforms over rock. I fell asleep to the sound of locusts and to that of water rushing through the gorge.

The next morning we sightsee, finally merging together on Shakadang Trail. When we all arrive, we picnic at the bottom of the trail.

Midmorning finds all 17 of us traveling in three vehicles. We drive south on Route 5 and enter the tunnel that was until recently the longest tunnel in Asia. At nearly 13 Kilometers, it took more than 10 years to complete. They paused construction once after striking water.

We stop twice along the seacoast; during the first we explore a gallery filled with carved and polished stones and sharply etched knee-high sculptures. The second time we rest briefly by the sea-side on the outskirts of Taroko Gorge.

Dave's  Et Cetera The Eternal Spring Shrine Our campsite in Taroko Gorge A seaside stop prior to entering Taroko Gorge

Taiwan Vacation

First Day ~ Taroko Gorge

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