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The night after we left Green Island we bunked at a Bed and Breakfast. In  morning a small crowd gathered outside our neighbors’ door. A woman and her mother occupied the room. The woman talked with the man outside but she would not open the door.

He asked her to marry him. Instead of saying yes, she made him do pushups. He offered to take her shopping whenever she wanted. Not enough. He said he’d buy her anything she wanted. Still not enough. He said he loved her. He said he’d love her forever. Only then, was the door opened.

The man knelt beside her and asked her to be his wife. When she agreed, her mother began passing out candy to those gathered outside. Then everyone left to to attend a wedding banquet.

Timing is everything. She lived in Yilan and he was from Hualien. That’s too far to travel if you want to be arrive in time to propose marriage at a propitious hour. Instead of her home, the bed and breakfast served as a surrogate location for his proposal.

Taiwan Vacation

The Proposal