This peacock reminds me of a  helmeted Roman  legionary

During Roman times the government used bread and circuses to keep the populace from voicing its dissatisfaction. The circuses served to dispose of prisoners, got senators elected and then kept them in power. There's nothing like a good diversion to take people's mind off their problems and focus them on something else.

In our current age, we numb our minds with pointless dramas, simplistic discussions, shallow analysis, and wavering attention.

Because we are flooded with information, we only absorb those messages that are simple and repetitive.  Thus, politicians, advertisers and talking heads control our thoughts and views. But there’s a cure: If enough of us learn to think for ourselves and carefully scrutinize the information that’s available, we may be able to reawaken our numbed minds and bring about positive social changes.

Peacock proud, a Roman  legionary surveys the field and prepares for the battle ahead.

Bread and Circuses Keep within the fog